Our Services

Our Services

Chimney Sweeps

Many do not realize that chimneys need to be swept because of the health and safety of your family. An unswept chimney can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. Upkeep your chimney is a must!

Chimney Repairs

We offer chimney repair for most issues that may arise from owning a chimney. From relining to tuckpointing, we do it all! Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to assist you in any and all repairs.



We offer multiple levels of fireplace and chimney inspections in the state of Louisiana and all throughout the United States. Give us a call today.


Your chimney or fireplace makes an impact on your home’s total heating and cooling cost; heat loss from fuel-burning appliances can account for as much as 8 percent of the total bill.

Water Leak Repair

Getting a chimney leak repaired is important to keep from having a major water leak problem. Leaks can cause mold growth and other host of problems!

Animal Removal

We value all lives including the animals that try to live inside your chimney. We promise to remove all animals in a humane way.

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